Online English lessons for children 4-12 y.o.
A Novakid gift certificate is the best investment in your child's future!
Online lessons with foreign teachers and a whole game world for practice!

English for children at Novakid

25-minute lessons with experienced foreign teachers with no barriers or translation!
English immersion
Active lessons in the form of a game or a VR tour. Plus real adventures in English in the Novakid Game World!
Children love it!
Individual lessons, practice and homework tasks in the Novakid Game World produce results after just 2 months of studies!
Tangible results
Why do mothers trust Novakid?
70 000+
online english learning platform for children in Europe
of parents see results after just 2 months of studies
certified foreign teachers
students around the world who are in love with English
A Novakid certificate is a gift that makes sense
We all want our children to develop and achieve success. Novakid makes learning fun and material easy to remember. The Novakid Game World fosters independence in children and nurtures interest in the English language. A gift certificate from Novakid is a step towards a bright future for your child.
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