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Spoken English
1-to-1 online lessons for 8-12 year-olds
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Why is this course so popular?
Learning English in English is perfect for fast and effective results. Children learn new words and use them in a conversation right away!
80% of the lesson is speaking!
Online 25-minute lessons that can be taken from any device in a convenient place. Parents save money, while children unleash their potential!
Comfortable lessons
Immersion in a foreign language through training with internationally certified teachers will help your child master the language.
Picking up a good accent
The course is great practice for international exams. The program is designed in correspondence with the CEFR testing system.
European standards
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The parents of our students confirm that Novakid improves:
It's fun!
A Novakid speaking course is exciting for children and teenagers and convenient for parents.
With Novakid, your child will be able to express themselves fluently
Language immersion

  • Speaking exclusively in English is the fastest way to learn proficiently. Your child will receive top-quality education from our highly qualified teachers that will help them succeed.
Experienced foreign teachers

  • Our internationally certified foreign teachers have experience working with young learners.
An individual approach

  • From the first lesson, taking into account the child's level of knowledge, the teacher selects materials and gradually makes the program more difficult. Meanwhile, our education experts monitor the child's progress and adjust the program appropriately.
An exciting program

After a Novakid course, your child will be able to:
  • discuss different art forms
  • talk about various music genres
  • describe and compare gadgets
  • talk about the food they like and healthy living
  • describe fantasy worlds, mythical creatures, and superheroes
  • talk about different countries and their traditions, cultures and languages
  • share their opinions of movie genres, plots and actors
  • describe funny pictures and tell jokes
English is just one click away!
Separate interactive and engaging lessons for teens to practise English. Each lesson has a panoramic image for an authentic feeling and helps students practise their speaking skills and expand their vocabulary with the help of 360 Google View (Google Street View).
These lessons are not only fun! They also broaden students' horizons while improving their vocabulary and fluency.
The course includes exciting and educational lessons using CLIL (“About interesting things in English”), giving your child the opportunity to delve into the world of numbers and logic, continents and landscapes, great historical events and human inventions, while making the most of their knowledge and skills.
VR walks in English
All lessons are held individually with native speakers on our platform.
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