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English for Children — Video Course
Easy Breezy is an exciting video course that allows students to improve their vocabulary and listening skills. Students can watch the videos at their own pace and develop new skills throughout the lessons. This course is recommended for students aged 6 to 12 who have completed, or are about to complete, the A1 level of English.
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What's the aim of this video course?

Novakid has created a series of pre-recorded videos for children with native English teachers! These videos will help to expand our students' vocabulary and improve their pronunciation!

The real benefit of the course is that your child can watch and replay these cool videos for an unlimited period of time until he/she can speak like a native!

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What can you expect from this video course?
The course consists of 12 fun and engaging videos. Each video lasts for about 25 mins. However, students can rewatch the videos and practice as many times as they want at their own pace.
This course is recommended for students aged 6 to 12 who have completed, or are about to complete, the A1 level of English.
Once you get access to the course, your child can watch and replay it for an unlimited period of time, practicing their pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar with our qualified native English teachers.
What will your child learn from this course?
  • Food
  • Jobs
  • Sport and activities
  • Places where people live
Students can expand their vocabulary on the following topics:
  • Adjectives of personality
  • Music
  • Daily routines
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Verbs of motion
  • Gerunds
  • Relative clause
  • Prepositions of place
  • Present simple
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Quantifiers
  • There is / There are
Easy Breezy grammar includes:
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